Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dumb as we wanna be

I caught Thomas Friedman on a morning show lamenting the fact that the United States is a "dumb as we wanna be". Our politicians will not make the tough decisions that need to be made on critical issues and we are just going along, fat, dumb and happy, just as "dumb as we wanna be". He likens it to falling off the top of a 30 story building - the first 29 floors are great - it's the sudden stop that is the real buzz kill. And we are dangerously close to the bottom.

As I travel the country, I have had more conversations in the last few weeks about just how dumb we are as a group. This country is sliding into a moronic stupidity that will rival that of so many other lost civilizations. No one wants to take responsibility for their own stupidity. The mortgage crisis was certainly greed - but the greed wouldn't work if people didn't flock to mortgages that they could never afford. The sheep blindly follow entertainers acting as political prophets to the point that 25% believe that President Obama is a Muslim. People are calling 911 because they didn't get their french fries or their water tastes salty.

Politicians nurture this ignorance so that they can continue to feel important and these so-called leaders are leading us down a hole so deep that we can never get out.

The only hope is education is key. As Jefferson said; " Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government"- the fact that we continue to be as "dumb as we wanna be", is proof of the dismal state of our education system. The future of America as a nation depends on fixing our education system.

Please.....I am begging you America.....WAKE UP!!! Start local and demand a better education system so that we can start this school helping American become as smart as we want to be.