Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Investing in STEM

St. Pete Times has an article about the cost of STEM - it should be more about the brilliant investment in STEM to ensure our leadership in the global economy. 

The interesting thing to me is a new bill that would give schools more points in the Florida state school rating system for schools that perform better in math and science:

From the article about a bill by Senator Don Gaetz:
"Gaetz has proposed giving high schools bonus points in the state grading system, based on the percentage of students who earn credits in math and science courses that are more advanced than those mandated for a diploma."

WOOHOO - we are going to have to reach out to Senator Gaetz and let him know we are ready to help.  Giving points is a great way to get schools to focus but then teachers need the training and resources to bring STEM to life, to prepare students in grades 6-10 so they are actually ready for those classes - and LTF training is already planning to help in Florida next year.

Looking forward to helping!