Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why No STEM Majors?

1.  Students are not math proficient
2.  Just not interested in STEM

This according to a Business Higher Education Forum brief entitled: "Meeting the STEM Workforce Demand: Accelerating Math Learning Among Students Interested in STEM" (note the title is almost as long as the 2 page brief).

More fun facts:
  1. Less than half of 12th graders meet college readiness math benchmark
  2. Only 17% of 12th graders who are proficient have an interest in STEM careers (which aligns with the 16% who graduate in STEM)
  3. 14% of 12th graders are interested in STEM but are not math proficient! (low hanging fruit)
  4. 69% are not interested in STEM
  5. They didn't split out the math proficient not STEM interested but if 43% are math proficient, and 14% are interested in STEM it would make that number 29%
Not earth shattering - we know we need to get students more excited about STEM careers AND make sure they are ready to tackle those careers which is why LTF Training was created!