Thursday, September 6, 2012

Solution: Pedagogy+Technology+Change Knowledge

Michael Fullan will be creating a video for the Educator Leader Cadre's virtual convening next month which is pretty exciting. So I was pleased to see a quick summary of his new book "Stratosphere: Integrating Technology, Pedagogy and Change Knowledge" on Tom Vander Ark's blog.  

My favorite quotes here: 
Fullan is convinced that we can and must build "irresistibly engaging" learning experiences for both students and teachers. I love his notion of 'skinny solutions'--they're hard to build and easy to implement. He puts the onus on education leaders to make change easier by adding "enjoyable, worthwhile experiences." 

I can't help but note that this is why LTF training transforms teaching - it is both worthwhile and enjoyable for teachers and they can't wait to use it in the classroom where students will be fully engaged. 

"The average performance of systems is not the most important factor; rather, the gap between low and high performers is....The problem of inequality is becoming more pronounced and more entrenched decade by decade...a social time bomb." 

"Ninety-five percent of students love school in Kindergarten, but by Grade 9, the feeling has steadily declined to 37 percent...a hell of a lot of disengaged students." 

Solution "The solution lies in the concentration of the three forces of pedagogy, technology, and change knowledge. If you want to head off destruction, we need to make it all about learning, let technology permeate, and engage the whole system."

THE KEY - we must create learning experiences that are irresistibly engaging!!

"Change really isn't as hard as we thought if we capture people's interest and give them enjoyable, worthwhile experiences."  - - which is why PARCC has created the Educator Leader Cadres!

It is pretty damn cool to see theory and reality moving so close together in our work.  Can't wait to see Michael's video and will share it here!!